Pain is Beauty video trailer

How to backside tail slide with Carlos Zarazua

How to video with Carlos Zarazua teaching backside tail slides at P Rods wear house.

Nick Tucker - SW FS Flip Quick Clip

The Skate Diaries with Joe Cool Episode 2 - Grizzly Grip GIVEAWAY

This week Joe Cool announces the winner from Episode 1. And on this weeks giveaway Skate Diaries, Joe Cool talks about his pet peeves with pebbles. Also We are giving away 2 sheets of Grizzly Grip tape to 2 different winners. Email your video link to

Boo in LA

Shane Oneill with his new skatemental graphic

The Skate Diaries with Joe Cool episode 1

Today Joe Cool talks about relationships and what he deals with to skate late at night. Also we are giving away a fresh pair of plan b wheels. Just go to and email us your best excuses you give to your girlfriends to be able to go skate. Joe cool will be announcing the winner next friday... presents.... Joe Cool

The Skate Diaries with Joe Cool Premiers tonight at Midnight..... Stay Tuned


Wash Ledge Carlos and Dan

Pit Stop - with Matty "Shmatty" Chaffin

Autobahn Wheels made this video of our good friend Shmatty At Stoner Plaza Skate park. Enjoy

Boo Johnson - Second angle grizzly commercial Quick clip



Torey Pudwill and Carlos Zarazua - Giving back to the kids

Torey Pudwill - Sunday skate

Day N Night

Boo Johnson - Grizzly Grip Commercial Pics - Behind the scenes

Carlos Zarazua and Nick Tucker

Boo Johnson - The Longest Jump

Dan Abadi - My footy from the past few months

Carlos Zarazua - Quick Clip at Stoner

Yuto Kojima - 3 tricks skating in LA

Dan Abadi - Quick Clip

Skate day in Hollywood