Pain is Beauty video trailer

full clip friday Xgames 2012 with special guests

paul rodriguez practicing for x games 2012 with guest skaters chaz ortiz ryan sheckler tyler bingham mikey taylor luan de olivera nyjah huston and manny santiago

X Games 2012 Day 1 Practice Pics




Street League Ontario Pics 2012

Paul Rodriguez switch 360 flip


Paul Rodriguez switch flip big section SLS Ontario 2012

Ishod Wair kick flip backside lip SLS Ontario 2012

Chaz Ortiz SLS Ontario clips 2012

Matt Miller nollie nose blunt SLS Ontario

Matt Miller doing a huge nollie nose blunt down the big section hubba at Street League in Ontari CA. Peep Chris Rays face after he lands it hahaha

Nyjah Huston SLS Ontario Bangers 2012

Nyjah Huston practicing his tricks for the contest. includes the cab backside nose blunt and the full cab flip to backside lip slide. filmed in 24p. Guest appearance by Steezus Christ aka Thug Nasty

Paul Rodriguez switch heel flip

Paul Rodriguez nollie front side crooked grind

Paul Rodriguez switch hard flip